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Roll A Tray

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Make painting an easier task without any spills with the Zorr Corp Roll A Tray. It features a durable design with caster wheels that easily roll over tarps. The deep well in front of the tray has the ability to hold up to a half gallon of paint. The Zorr Corp Roll A Tray includes a disposable liner to make cleaning up simple.

  • Durable design
  • Holds up to half gallon of paint
  • Disposable liner for easy clean-up


Let the Roll A Tray do all of the work for you with a durable design that provides an easier, cleaner painting experience. The sturdy wheels make it easy to roll over tarps without spills, while also including a disposable liner so cleanup is simple. With this tray’s deep well and ability to hold up to half gallon of paint, you can now focus on your project instead of being stressed about spilling it everywhere! Whether you’re trying to save time or money, this product has got you covered with friendly features that will boost your productivity by reducing physical strain and allowing for small jobs too big for other paint trays.

  • Caster wheels easily maneuver over tarps
  • Increases productivity by reducing physical strain
  • 12 pack Liner available.
  • Holds up to a half gallon of paint
  • Sturdy design saves you time and money Great for smaller jobs